By using our services for dry cleaning we ensure that your garments are done professionally and treated with care.

Before starting the process of dry cleaning, we read the label of your item, making sure of using the right products for laundering and dry cleaning, because we care about you and your clothes.

Visiting us today for the service and you can pick up the item, tomorrow at 1pm. The prices are affordable and are in line with customer expectations.

The service is suitable to any customer willing to have a job done in a short time period with excellent results.

  1. Suits for men and ladies
  2. Dinner and Satin Suits
  3. Racing suits
  4. Coats- any type
  5. Trousers and Slacks
  6. Jumpers and Cardigans
  7. Shirts and Blouses
  8. Shorts, Vest and Ties
  9. Wedding, Bridesmaid, Formal dresses
  10. All Linen & Silk garments
  11. Blankets, Bedspreads, Donnas and Cushion cover
  12. Curtains and table clothes
  13. Car seat covers
  14. Sleeping Bags
  15. Floor Rug